Hosts Gee and J. Green debut You Got 15 Minutes?

Host Miesha talks with elementary school teacher and candidate for congress 2022 for the 30th District - Los Angeles

Comedian Mike Robertson talks with entrepreneur Johnathan Carthon.

Host and author Cleon Joseph discusses domestic violence with Dr. Angela Parker.

Intersectional Convergence: Organizing and mobilizing for inclusivity, equality and equity. This episode the focus is on critical local and regional m...View Details

Host Mike Robertson and fellow comedians Mellroz and Dwann Brown discuss politics "To Vote or Not?" is the question. The guys also discuss this season...View Details

Host Cleon Joseph sits down with Dr. Jamille Harrell-Sims to discuss sex trafficking and more.

Comedian Al Toomer discusses sports teams that should go. He talks with former music industry vet Robin Dixon about the music business and politics.

Focus: -COVID-19 Update with Dr. Mary Augusta Adam -Life and legacy, impact and influence of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Honorable ...View Details

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