Host, Pastor Sauls continues his series on Convergence: Organizing & Mobilizing for Inclusivity, Equality & Equity - Part 5 - Black Lives and ...View Details

Comedian Al Toomer chats with musician Chazzy The Funky Sax Man. The gents speak on 9-11, slavery and more. Warning: Adult language. Listener discreti...View Details

Host Chelly Chelle chats with the cast of web serious Queerious. Guests include director Alexander King, BJ Minor and Cole. #lestalk #queerious #lgbtq

Journalist and radio host The Poetess sits down with LA's Chief of Police Michel Moore to discuss defunding the police, police accountability and raci...View Details

Comedian Mike Robertson chops it up with fellow comedian Stacey Taylor who speaks on his 22 to life prison term, the law of attraction and life after ...View Details

Police officers and twin brothers Cleon and Deon speak on "Officer Wellness" and the George Floyd killing

Host Eric and David discuss the current state of politics. 

Pastor Sauls also speaks with Dr. Zuri Murrell regarding colon cancer in light of actor Chadwick Boseman's passing. He continues on the topic of Inter...View Details

Comedian Al Toomer shares the table with comedienne Gwenda Perez.

Miesha sits down with beauty and hair expert Big Hair Tammy! #bighairtammy #agirlfriendsguidetolife #podcasts

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